Canada 150

Celebrating 150 years of Storytelling

The public library has always been a destination for anyone seeking knowledge and ideas. Taking its place in the heart of the community, the library is constantly growing: it grows to include more voices, more perspectives, more ideas, and more stories. Stories are the way we connect with each other; they are the way we share our experiences and how we learn from others. In Canada, where we strive towards greater diversity and mutual understanding, storytelling is at our cultural core. Lend your voice as we mark 150 years of telling Canada’s story at the Ottawa Public Library.

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Feb 24, 2017
Pour le mois de Mars, en plus de notre programmation régulière en français, nous vous avons concocté une programmation toute...
Feb 23, 2017
It’s almost here! March Break, from March 13 to 17, is just around the corner, and we are offering fun,...
Feb 01, 2017
In February, OPL celebrates storytelling through experiences . Whether they are personal anecdotes, family history lore, or tales of the...