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To learn how to succeed in your job search, to be proactive and reach potential employers, explore the guide below.

Job Searching Guide

Explore books and websites on topics related to job searching and careers


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Online Resources

  • A database designed to help improve writing, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, and math skills at the elementary (grade 4), secondary, college and university level.  Practice and prepare for exams like the TOEFL, GED, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, and GMAT.Contains tools and resources for career development; including job search and networking, resume writing, cover letters, and interview techniques and tips. Over 150 e-books to assist in the learning experience.

  • LinkedIn Learning for Library is an upgrade to the previous Lynda Library product, providing continued lifelong learning opportunities for all of our Clients. 

    Over 16,000 video tutorial courses led by experts in Business, Creative, and Technology. Some tutorials are available in English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    Customers will now have access to the following:

    1. Engaging content for every customer, with over 16,000 courses in 7 different languages
    2. A simple, time-saving login flow for customers that only requires a library card number and PIN, without the need for a LinkedIn profile
    3. An updated, easy-to-use, intuitive interface
    4. Previous course history from
  • Reference Solutions is a provider of business and consumer research. 

    There are several databases to search:

    Canadian Businesses: A directory of 2.3 million Canadian businesses

    U.S.Jobs/Internships: 2.5 Million Job Postings

    Canadian White Pages: 11 million Canadian households. Records are 100% publicly sourced to comply with Canadian privacy laws.

  • Worxica, a curated job vacancy archive, is Canada's first free big data job market research tool. It's built specifically for job seekers and recruiters. The tools is a curated, online archive of two million Canadian job vacancies advertised over the past year. It includes salaries, skills, and certification requirements and current job search data. 

    Note: Once you’ve accessed the content, there is a limit of five to six searches for unregistered users. You will need to create a free account or login via social media and agree to Worxica’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to continue browsing beyond the first five or six searches.