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OPEN BRANCHES: 22 of our branches and the Bookmobile are currently open for modified services at this time.

Additional branches will reopen for contactless returns and holds pickup in the fall and early winter. Details:

HOURS AND LOCATIONS: for current branch hours.

BOOKMOBILE: for the current Bookmobile stops schedule.

MANDATORY: Masks are required to be worn inside Ottawa Public Library branches, as per theTemporary Mandatory Mask By-law. Customers who are not wearing masks will not be allowed inside branches. Exceptions apply for people with medical exemptions.

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Google Chromebooks (laptops) are available to borrow at all branches. 

About Chromebooks

  • Chromebooks are lightweight and simple to use
  • They boot-up in seconds
  • Chromebooks require almost no setup and very little maintenance; the devices update themselves
  • You can connect to the Library’s WiFi
  • They enable customers to log into their Google accounts to access their own photos, music, videos, documents with Google Drive and Google Docs
  • Chromebooks are secure and protect against viruses and malware without additional software

Borrowing a Chromebook

  • Customers may borrow one Chromebook at a time
  • Customers must have a library account in good standing and show a valid photo ID 
  • The borrowing period is three hours of in-branch use
  • The late fee is $5 per hour, to a maximum of $20
  • There is a $500 charge for a lost device 
  • The checkout receipt will include the time when the device is due back  

Guide to Chromebooks


  • What apps are loaded on the Chromebooks?

The apps that come pre-loaded on the Chromebooks are all Google based, such as: Chrome, Chrome Web Store, Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Drive (which includes Docs, Sheets, Presentations, etc.), Files, Google Play Music, Google Play Books, and Google Play Movies.

  • Does Google save my information?

Google does not keep any user data. Under OPL’s privacy statement, the Library does not keep any customer data either. The data gets deleted from the Chromebooks after every session.

View OPL’s Privacy Statement

View Google’s Privacy Statement

  • What types of photo ID do you accept?

Customers are required to have a Library account in good standing as well as a valid photo ID such as driver’s license, passport, employee ID, student ID, membership card (e.g. ski pass) or citizenship card.

  • Can I print a document from a Chromebook?

Printing is not currently available from Chromebooks. You will need to transfer your files to a flash drive (available for sale at all branches) and print from a public computer.