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Chromebooks are lightweight, user-friendly laptops that make technology accessible to everyone. With their simple setup and intuitive interface, anyone can use them with ease. Chromebooks boot up in seconds, and with automatic updates you get the latest software without interruption. Privacy and security are prioritized, as all saved files and data are wiped after a client logs off.

There are two different types of Chromebooks available:

Chromebook FAQs

What apps are loaded on the Chromebooks?

The apps that come pre-loaded on the Chromebooks are all Google based, such as:

  • Chrome
  • Chrome Web Store
  • Google Search
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Maps
  • Google Drive (which includes Docs, Sheets, Presentations, etc.)
  • Files
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play Books
  • and Google Play Movies

Does Google save my information?

Google does not keep any user data. Under OPL’s privacy statement, the Library does not keep any customer data either. The data gets deleted from the Chromebooks after every session.

How can I print from a Chromebook?

To print documents from a chromebook, clients can upload any document(s) to OPL’s mobile printing service and print their document(s) at any branch. The cost of printing at OPL is $0.10/page.

How do I save my files?

Saving files on a chromebook is easy. With a Google account clients can use Google Drive as a virtual storage space for their documents and files. When saving a document on a chromebook using Google Drive, it gets stored securely in the cloud instead of saving it directly to the device’s hard drive. It keeps files safe, lets you access them from any device, and allows you to easily share and collaborate with others.

Alternatively, clients can use a USB/flash drive to save their files.

Note: clients can also use other cloud storage services on a chromebook to save their files such as: Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc.