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Teen Reads Week 5: Review, Read-alikes and Prize

Teen Reads

Welcome to Teen Reads!

For eight weeks this summer, every Monday, the Teen blog will feature a book review and reading recommendations within a given theme.
Each review will be a recommended read from an OPL Teen Advisory Group member.
Here is this week’s review and recommendations.

 A Thousand Pieces of YouReview by Kuhu from Ruth E. Dickinson branch

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Marguerite Caine's parents have created a locket they call The Firebird, which allows people to travel between dimensions. Everything changes, however, when Marguerite's father is killed by her parents' assistant, and escapes into another dimension before he's caught. She follows him through multiple dimensions, leaping into different versions of herself, and begins to question his guilt. She soon discovers that her father's death is far more complex than she believed it to be.




Do you have another readalike suggestion for the Science Fiction theme?

In the comment section below, tell us in a few sentences, which book it is and why you would recommend it. All the comments on this blog post (English and French) will be entered in a draw for the weekly $20 Chapters gift card prize. Enter your comment by midnight Sunday, August 11th.

Feel free to recommend more than one book, but only one entry to the draw will be counted per username.

The winner will be contacted on Monday, August 12th.

Good luck!

Take a peek at the upcoming Teen Reads themes and get inspired about what books you will want to recommend.

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A wrinkle in time

Meg and her brother go on an adventure to a mysterious planet to find their dad after he disappeared after discovering it. They get some help from a friend and three time travelers on their journey. It's a great book and it got made into a movie too!

The Martian by Andy Weir

I would recommend this book because it's one of my favourite science fiction books and it was made into a movie as well. Synopsis: After a strong storm, Mark Watney (an astronaut) gets stranded on Mars after his other astronaut members accidentally leave him behind. The book includes science in it, as Mark learns to survive by thinking of ways to grow food on Mars.

Eyes of the Mind

A great read for anyone who’s into sci-fi or virtual reality. An interesting take on virtual reality and the downfalls of it. A highly immersive novel, it will be hard to put it down after the author takes you on a journey through the main character. A great series for anyone whose interested in the whole sci-fi/ dystopian genre.

The Thousandth Floor

The Thousandth Floor is a great science fiction book and it is the first book in an amazing trilogy by Katharine McGee. I highly recommend it for readers who find futuristic gadgets interesting and do not mind a little romance!

Les fourmis

Les fourmis( Empire of the Ants) is a french sci-fi novel written by Bernard Werber in 1991, which tells 2 stories in parallel: the human world and the ants'. Jonathan Wells inherits his uncle's apartment and begins to explore the mysterious cellar. Not returning, his family members also went down to search for him and disappeared. As the plot unfolds, it is clear that the cellar contains a huge secret...


Divergent features a post-apocalyptic Chicago, where society is divided into 5 factions. All sixteen-year-olds are tested to determine which faction suits them best but have the right to choose at the Choosing Ceremony. Tris' test classifies her at "Divergent", meaning that she does not suit any of the 5 factions. She ends up choosing Dauntless, and undergoes a serie of trainings and initiation.Unlike the other factions, only the top 10 will stay and the rest will become Factionless...



The Giver

The Giver is set in a town where everything has been converted to “sameness”, with no emotions or disorder. 12-year-old Jonas thinks it works perfectly until he is selected to be the new receiver of memory and learns that this ‘perfect’ society isn’t exactly what everyone thinks it is.