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My family and I recently took a walk at Mud Lake.   Located near the Britannia Yacht Club, Mud Lake is home to hundreds of species of wildlife including birds, frogs and turtles.  The day we visited, the conservation area did not disappoint.   Upon stepping foot out of the car, we were treated to four painted turtles sunning themselves on a log.   During our walk, we also saw different types of ducks, geese and perhaps the highlight of the trip, a pileated woodpecker excavating a nest hole. 

Our walk made me realize how fortunate we are to live in the Ottawa area with an abundance of conservation areas and walking trails.  The walk also sparked my interest to further explore the region.  I found a couple of books at the Ottawa Public Library which were particularly useful.,_the_natio


It should be noted that trails can be altered or closed so it is always best to check online when possible if the information is up-to-date.

If you want to make a social outing out of your walk, there are a number of clubs to fit your needs in Ottawa.  Here are just a few:

A couple of great websites to find your next walking destination are the following:

If you want to better identify the animals you are finding on your walks, this might be the club for you.

See you on the trails!


Thank you for the lovely article. I really need to get out there in nature but was concerned about my safety.

I briefly lived near Mud Lake in that beautiful Britannia area when I first moved to Ottawa, but didn't know anyone to explore it with.

Thanks for reminding me of that beautiful place and the outdoor groups.

Mud Lake is such a great spot - love your photo! Such a great list - I love the City of Ottawa one as I found a few new green spaces I had not known about!

And the Field Naturalist club is great - even following them on Facebook is a great way to get educated!

Also check out this site as it highlights nature locations in the city: