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Barista 101

Steaming cup of coffee

Apr 08, 2020

Missing your favourite barista and their wonderful lattes?  Why not make your own? 

Making your own Dalgona coffee is the latest trend especially in these strange times of physical distancing and quarantine.  Named after the Korean street candy Dalgona, a toffee on a stick, this drink is easy as 1-2-3.

Dalgona Coffee

1. Mix in a bowl:

2 tbsp of instant coffee

2 tbsp of sugar (or sweetener)

2 tbsp of hot water

2.  Using a whisk or electric mixer mix into a foam until double in volume. 

3.  Pour 6 oz cold or warm milk in a glass

4.  Spoon coffee mix over milk. 

Grab a straw, your favourite book and enjoy!

Our online resource A to Z World Foodincludes other great recipes from all over the world.

Blog post contributed by Nicole Moreau from our Cumberland branch. 


Great Idea

Thanks for sharing this. Great idea.