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 We asked Celeste, a regular customer at Sunnyside:  What Did You Read Today?

American on Purpose  “I’m currently reading Craig Ferguson’s American on Purpose, The Improbable Adventures of An Unlikely Patriot.

It’s an amusing book about Ferguson’s early life in Glasgow, Scotland, including his struggles and problems with addiction, and his decision to emigrate to the US.  It’s non-fiction, and I usually read fiction, but I was interested in reading this book because I’ve watched his show, The Late Late Show.  He is so entertaining and funny, and in the book he uses hilarious Scottish terms and explains them in a way that we would understand them.  He’s a great writer, and if you’re a fan of Ferguson, you have got to read this book!”


“What did you read today?” is a public awareness campaign created by the National Reading Campaign to help make reading a national priority. 

For the rest of the year, the Ottawa Public Library will be asking that question to Ottawans and posting their answers in this staff blog.  We invite you to participate in the conversation by posting your answer in our blog’s comments.  

Since 2008, the National Reading Campaign has brought together people from every region of Canada who are concerned about Canada’s changing reading habits. 


I'm reading "Some Assembly Required : a journal of my son's first son" by Ann Lamott, with Sam Lamott. Anyone who is familiar with Anne Lamott's lively writing will know to expect irreverent reverence - Gems of wisdom - Loving irony. This volume traces all the moment-by-moment fears and joys of a new Grandma, and a new 19 year old father, in their microscopic observations of the first miraculous months of the baby's life. The family's stresses and frustrations are shown with total honesty. The new father is still in university; strong-willed new mother might just up & leave with the "precious one" at any moment All is levened with Lamott's total openness & ascerbic wit.