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Hoopla BingePass

Hoopla BingePass

Sep 18, 2022

Want to borrow more content without using all your monthly borrows? Explore hoopla BingePass.

Hoopla BingePass is the newest format on Hoopla. It gives patrons unlimited access to one of the multiple streaming collections for 7 days, including Great Courses, Curiosity Stream, and Hellosaurus, with just one single borrow!  Patrons can browse Hoopla BingePass just as they would browse for music, TV & movies, etc., on the web, and also find what they’re looking for with the "More" button using Hoopla's bottom navigation on a mobile device. You can borrow more than one BingePass at a time. To get more content, just click on another pass. Once you borrow a BingePass, you can access it immediately. To access the content again, you can find your BingePass through the Borrowed section of My Hoopla. When your current borrow period is up, you’re welcome to borrow again using the same BingePass. Here are three special collections available with Hoopla BingePass:

  1. Great Courses

The Great Courses offers patrons unlimited streaming of videos focused on learning and personal enrichment.

Science, history, wellness, travel - no matter your interest, learn more about it with The Great Courses BingePass. Watch as much of The Great Courses as you want for 7 days, using only one borrow.

To use one of your instant borrows to get this content, just click borrow, then confirm. When you’re ready to stream, just hit play. You can browse or search for courses that interest you, plus you can get more information on the content, watch trailers, or add items to your watchlist. During your learning period, come back to the Great Courses anytime to resume watching or to access your watchlist.

I am currently watching The Guide to Essential Italy by Professor Kenneth R. Bartlett from the University of Toronto. This Great Course is a tour of three of the most important, engaging, and romantic cities of Italy: Rome, Florence, and Venice. It provides context and suggestions for intriguing side trips while walking through the streets and monuments of these cities as if you were there. Too bad I didn’t watch this Great Course before my last trip to Italy. Now that you know, don’t repeat my mistake.

  1. Curiosity Stream

You can now watch thousands of high-quality and engaging documentaries and non-fiction series from the entire collections of Curiosity Stream to fulfill all your curiosities!

These award-winning, original, and curated factual films, shows, and series cover science, nature, travel, history, technology, and more. There is always something new to learn!

  1. Hellosaurus

Hellosaurus is an interactive story platform for children aged 2 to 8. Children can fuel their imagination through epic story adventures and their favorite educational shows. The platform features popular titles such as The Wiggles and Love Diana. Children step into the role, co-starring as curious explorers, creative innovators, and confident heroes, unlocking an entirely new way to play alongside their favorite creators.

Hellosaurus only works on Android and iOS, so use your smartphone or tablet to download the Hellosaurus app first, then log in to Hoopla to borrow  Hellosaurus BingePass. This will bring you to a page with a QR code. Simply use your smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code and open the Hellosaurus app. From there, jump into interactive stories, where children can develop life skills independently and safely by having fun. One borrow gets them all the Hellosaurus they want for 7 days.

Please note: You can borrow a total of 6 Hoopa items (Including Movie, TV, Music & BingePass) per month. Borrowing limits reset on the first of each calendar month.








Binge pass for comics?

Now that OPL has the Hoopla comics collection, is there a binge pass available for comics that could be offered?