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Getting started with digital media New to the world of OPL's digital collection? Here are some guides. Magazines and music Get started with Freegal – download free music Get started with...
The loan period for E-books is (up to) 21 days. The loan period for Downloadable Audiobooks is (up to) 14 days. You can change your preferred loan period in your Overdrive Account Settings.
Yes, you can borrow digital media (E-books and Audiobooks) from the Ottawa Public Library at no charge, using an active Ottawa Public Library card.
You can search for digital items through two methods: Searching the Digital Catalogue on Overdrive's page on our website and inside the Overdrive app, or by searching the regular Catalogue and...
The items you can access depends on your device. Generally, an E-reader with an E-ink screen can access only E-books with the EPUB format, whereas a computer or a tablet can access both E-books and...
An Overdrive Account is necessary to take advantage of the features available through the Overdrive app on your tablet or Windows 10 computer. This allows the library user to download and open E-...
An Adobe ID is an account created through the website. It allows the library user to download and open E-books that are DRM (Digital Rights Management) -protected. This is the ID you will...
OverdriveRead is the website interface to read E-books on your web browser. Since you are not downloading the E-book, this requires you to be constantly connected to the Internet while you are...
OverdriveListen is the same as OverdriveRead - but for Audiobooks. You can listen to Downloadable Audiobooks on your web browser without the need for extra apps or software. Also, like...
You can use up to 6 separate devices to read or listen to digital items from Overdrive, as long as the devices are authorized with the same Overdrive Account or Adobe ID.

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