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Accessible formats and communication supports policy

Revised: April 2024


OPL is committed to providing inclusive and barrier-free access to information, documentation, programs, and services.

People with disabilities can request any public OPL documents in an accessible format. Staff will consult with the person to determine the appropriate format. These documents include emergency procedures, plans, and safety information. OPL also arranges for access to communication supports for library programming and provides assistive workstations to facilitate access to library information and resources online.


OPL will provide accessible formats and/or communication supports:

  • in a timely manner
  • in a way that considers the person’s accessibility needs
  • at no extra cost to the requestor

Information about accessible materials and communication supports will be made publicly available (e.g. posted on the OPL website, library posters, promotional materials, etc.). When requested, this information will be provided in appropriate accessible formats and/or with communication supports.

Clients can submit requests for accessible formats and/or communication supports in the following ways:

Accessible formats may include

  • Braille (Grade 1 & 2)
  • Large print
  • Electronic text (e.g. PDF, Word, HTML)
  • Audio books (including DAISY)
  • Other

Communication supports may include

  • Captioning
  • Sign language interpreter (ASL or LSQ)
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Intervener
  • Assistive Workstations
  • Other

Assistive workstations are available at all OPL branches, and they are identified in the booking tool on the OPL website. OPL regularly reviews the software on these workstation computers to ensure that it meets client service needs.

Library programs are developed to engage all members of the community, including people with disabilities. Upon request and with sufficient notice, OPL will provide communication supports and other accessibility accommodations to help people with disabilities participate in its programs. At least three weeks’ notice is preferred for accommodation requests.

Conversion process / Turnaround time

Accessible formats and communication supports will be provided in the most cost-effective, efficient, and timely manner. OPL will pay for the cost of conversion for OPL documents and will respond in consultation with the person who has made the request.

OPL may be unable to provide accessible formats for products and product labels, information that cannot be converted or communications and information that OPL does not directly or indirectly control. If this occurs, OPL will provide an explanation as to why the information or communications are unconvertible.