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Library code of conduct

Welcome to Ottawa Public Library (OPL). 

Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a positive experience when using the Library and its services. The Library values the diverse identities and perspectives of its community members. The Library also strives to foster an environment free of discrimination, bullying and harassment. Everyone is welcome here.

Let’s work together to create a positive Library experience all can enjoy, whether in a virtual or physical space. 

When using the Library or when on Library property, please:

  • Be respectful. 
  • Take responsibility for those in your care.
  • Dress appropriately (shirt, footwear, etc.).
  • Do not wear scents that can negatively impact others.
  • Keep noises at a low volume.
  • Use the Library’s materials, computers, equipment, and furniture for their intended purposes.
  • Keep your belongings with you.
  • Eat and drink in designated areas only.
  • Leave privacy screens on Library computers.
  • Bring in only registered guide or service animals.
  • Follow Library and Security staff direction.
  • Follow all Library policies and statements.
  • Follow all municipal, provincial, and federal laws/codes/rules/regulations.

Certain behaviours are not acceptable when using the Library or when on Library property, including:

  • Abusing, harassing, or threatening behaviour.
  • Discriminatory language or behaviours. 
  • Intoxication or using any intoxicating substances.
  • Smoking or vaping.
  • Carrying or using a weapon, and other illegal activity.
  • Damaging or stealing property.
  • Interfering with others’ use of Library spaces.
  • Trespassing into restricted areas or if you have been evicted.
  • Sleeping for prolonged periods of time.

We ask that you please respect and follow the Library’s Code of Conduct. 
Anyone choosing not to follow the Code of Conduct or refusing to modify behaviour will be asked to leave. Continued disregard could result in suspension of Library privileges, eviction, cost-recovery charges, and/or prosecution.

Approved by the Ottawa Public Library Board on May 10, 2022.