Management team

Senior management

Name and title Email
Danielle McDonald
Chief Executive Officer
Monique E. Désormeaux
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Anna Basile
Manager, Planning and Board Support
(includes Communications and Media Relations)
Monique Brûlé
Division Manager, Programs and Services
Elaine Condos
Division Manager, Central Library Project

Catherine Seaman
Division Manager, Branch Operations


Departmental managers

Name and title Email
Ann Archer 
Content Services 
Otto Dos Santos 
Materials Delivery
Craig Ginther
Technology Services
Sharon Campbell (Acting)
Organizational Development
Matthew Pritz
Finance and Business Services
Richard Stark
Facilities Planning and Development
Alison Blackburn (Acting)
Program Development
Alexandra Yarrow
Alternative Services


Branch managers

Name Branches Email

Jennifer Calhoun

Urban South


Donna Clark


Suzanne Delisle


Alison Nussbaumer

South East 

Philip Robert

Urban East

Yvonne van Lith

Urban West 

Jane Venus

South West
Tony Westenbroek