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Teen Author Fest

Teen Author Fest 2018

We’re so excited about the line-up for the 9th annual Teen Author Fest and we hope you are too!

Whatever your taste, Teen Author Fest lets you connect with the authors you love and other like minded readers. We can’t wait for the fun to begin! 

Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 27th, for a free public bilingual event for all ages at the Sunnyside branch (1049 Bank) and Southminster Church (15 Aylmer) from 12:00-5:00pm with eleven YA authors. 

A big thanks to Octopus Books. They will be on hand to sell the authors’ books at our event.

All programs are free and open to everyone. Join us for author talks, panels, writing workshops, book sales, prizes, and more!  

Take a look at the full list of authors and scroll all the way down to see the official OPL TAF schedule!

Teen Author Fest is proud to welcome:


Tiffany D. Jackson  is the author of the critically acclaimed Allegedly and Monday’s Not Coming and the forthcoming Let Me Hear a Rhyme. She is a TV professional by day and a novelist by night.  A Brooklyn native, she is a lover of naps, cookie dough, and beaches, currently residing in the borough she loves, most likely multitasking.

Monday’s Not Coming - When her friend Monday Charles goes missing and Monday's mother refuses to give her a straight answer, Claudia digs into her disappearance.


E.K. Johnston had several jobs and one vocation before she became a published writer. If she’s learned anything, it’s that things turn out weird sometimes, and there’s not a lot you can do about it. Well, that and how to muscle through awkward fanfic because it’s about a pairing she likes.

Her books range from contemporary fantasy (The Story of Owen, Prairie Fire), to fairy-tale reimaginings (A Thousand Nights, Spindle), and from small town Ontario (Exit, Pursued By A Bear), to a galaxy far, far away (Star Wars: Ahsoka). She has no plans to rein anything in.

That Inevitable Victorian Thing - In a near-future Toronto where the British Empire never fell, Helena, August, and Margaret are caught off-guard by the discovery of a love so intense they are willing to change the course of the monarchy to keep it.


Danielle Younge-Ullman studied English and theater at McGill University and then worked as a professional actor for ten years. This was a character-building time during which she held a wide variety of acting and non-acting jobs — everything from working on the stage and inindependent films to dubbing English voices for Japanese TV to temping to teaching Pilates. She now lives with her husband and two daughters in an old house in Toronto that’s constantly being renovated.

Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined To prove to her mother, a famous opera singer dealing with depression after losing her singing voice, that she can handle the grueling life of an actress, Ingrid must survive a wilderness camp.


Hadley Dyer is the author of Johnny Kellock Died Today, winner of the Canadian Library Association's Book of the Year for Children Award, among other acclaimed titles for young readers. She has worked in the children’s book industry for more than twenty years. She has also written for publications such as The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life, and OWL Magazine, and worked with multiple organizations that promote literacy and reading. She lives in Toronto.

Here So Far Away - Tough girl George Warren has finally found someone she wants to hold on to, when lately it seems like she’s only been pushing people away. But he's the wrong guy for her, and they both know it. If she lets herself, George could fall recklessly in love. She could also lose everything.


Lucile de Pesloüan has been involved in the Montréal literary scene for the last seven years. Using the pen name Shushanna Bikini London, she started publishing her writing in 2012 in the form of fanzines distributed in alternative venues and traditional bookstores. She is a two-time Expozine Award finalist nominated in 2012 and 2014 for her fanzines Les histoires de Shushanna Bikini London. Her style is intimate, direct, poetic and socially conscious. She won a Prix de l’Académie littéraire in 2018 for her fanzine Ce que je sais de moi.

Pourquoi les filles ont mal au ventre? This album functions as a feminist manifesto. It is a reissue, in illustrated book form, of an expanded fanzine. Starting from the thesis statement that girls always have stomach aches, a chain of fragments expose the social and historical reasons behind this malaise. The text zooms in on a handpicked set of manifestations of sexism in daily life. Ultimately, despite the different situations experienced by each girl, feminism is the common ground on which essential solidarity can be built.



Sophie Labelle is a Canadian author, cartoonist, and public speaker. She is transgender and known for her webcomic Assigned Male detailing her experiences as a trans woman. She is active in the transgender rights movement and speaks on the subjects of trans history and transfeminism

Ciel Ciel is about to start secondary school. Her boyfriend Erikur goes back to Reykjavik, forcing them to settle for a long-distance relationship. When mysterious swimming champion Liam enters the picture, Ciel finds herself with a lot on her mind…


Émilie Rivard studied creative writing at Université Laval in Quebec City and focused her writing on exploring imagination and creativity. She writes regularly for Les Explorateurs and has written several beloved children's and teen books in French.

1re avenue We’ve all had days like this: sometimes, all it takes is a squirrel that got run over in a parking lot and a good song to throw your whole life into question. And so, Laura decides to put her daily life and plans on hold and take a break. She moves to the Limoilou neighbourhood, where she has her core beliefs shaken and delivers happiness, one pudding at a time. Between her unsettling new roommates and her customers, including a pregnant woman with a rich imagination, a gluten addict and poker players who carry a heavy secret, her break on 1re avenue is rewarding, but rarely relaxing.


Sarah Raughley grew up in Canada writing stories about freakish little girls with powers because she secretly wanted to be one. She is a huge fangirl of anything from manga to SF/F TV to Japanese Role Playing Games, but she will swear up and down that she was inspired by ~Jane Austin~ at book signings. On top of being a YA Writer, Sarah is currently completing a PhD in English, because the sight of blood makes her queasy (which crossed Medical School off the list).

Siege of Shadows (Book two in The Effigies series) - After Saul reappears with an army of soldiers with Effigy-like abilities, threatening to unleash the monstrous Phantoms, 18 year-old Maia and the other Effigies hope to defeat him by discovering the source of their power over the four classical elements.



Susan Glickman, a Canadian writer and critic, grew up in Montreal, the oldest of four children. She is a teacher of literature and creative writing, teaching at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto.

The Discovery of Flight 16 year-old Libby is disabled by cerebral palsy. She writes a fantasy novel called The Discovery of Flight as a present for her sister Sophie's thirteenth birthday, in which Libby takes the form of a hawk telepathically linked to a girl who resembles Sophie. Interwoven with Libby's novel is Sophie's diary, in which she discusses the deteriorating condition of her older sister.


Star Spider is a writer from Toronto where she lives and works with her awesome husband Ben Badger and studies psychology.  Star is the author of a new YA novel Past Tense, as well as many short stories that can be found online and in print.

Past Tense
How do you live after death? Julie Nolan is a pretty average girl with pretty average problems. She’s been in love with her best friend, Lorelei, ever since they met in grade three. Only Lorelei doesn’t know about it — she’s too busy trying to set Julie up with Henry, her ex, who Julie finds, in a word, vapid. But life gets more complicated when Julie comes home to find her mother insisting that her heart is gone. Pretty soon it becomes clear: Julie’s mom believes that she has died. How is Julie supposed to navigate her first year of high school now, while she’s making midnight trips to the graveyard to cover her mother with dirt, lay flowers and make up eulogies? And why is Henry the only person Julie feels comfortable turning to? If she wants to get through this, Julie’s going to have to find the strength she never knew she had, and to learn how to listen to both her mom’s heart and her own.


Justin Joschko is an author from Niagara Falls, Ontario. His writing has appeared in newspapers and literary journals across Canada. Yellow Locust is his first novel. He currently lives in Ottawa with his wife and two children.

Yellow Locust  Selena Flood is a fighter of preternatural talent. But not even her quick fists and nimble feet could save her parents from the forces of New Canaan, the most ruthless and powerful of the despotic kingdoms populating America-that-was. Forced to flee the tyrannical state with her younger brother Simon in tow, Selena is now the last chance for peace in a continent on the verge of complete destruction. In her pocket is a data stick, the contents of which cost her parents their lives. Selena must now ensure it reaches the Republic of California—a lone beacon of liberty shining across a vast and barren wasteland—before it’s too late.



OPL TAF Schedule:


Southminster Church –Room 6

Southminster Church – Room 7

Sunnyside branch – Program room

Noon to 12:45 pm


Writing Workshop
Hadley Dyer

Panel - #WeNeedDiverseBooks
Tiffany D. Jackson
Susan Glickman
Star Spider

Atelier d'écriture
Lucile de Pesloüan

1 pm to 1:45 pm

Writing Workshop
Tiffany D. Jackson


Panel francophone
Lucile de Pesloüan
Sophie Labelle
Émilie Rivard

2 pm to 2:45 pm



Meet & Greets and Autographs – All authors


3 pm to 3:45 pm

Writing Workshop
Star Spider

Panel - Realistic Fiction
Danielle Younge-Ullman
Hadley Dyer

Atelier d’écriture – Bandes Dessinées
Sophie Labelle

4 pm to 4:45 pm



Panel - Fantasy
E.K. Johnston
Sarah Raughley
Justin Joschko

Atelier d’écriture
Émilie Rivard