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Digital Inclusion Week: Access for All

May 2 2018

Ottawa – From May 5 to 12, The Ottawa Public Library (OPL) is offering programs for Digital Inclusion Week that promote online access and skill building to bridge the digital divide. OPL seeks to build community and transform lives. In the digital age, access and technology are essential in connecting people with resources and opportunities for learning.


Many of the programs in the spotlight for Digital Inclusion Week are part of OPL’s regular offerings, including computer-coding clubs for children and adults, 3D Printer and Laser Cutting Certification at OPL’s Imagine Space, computer tutorials and how-to seminars, Techno Buddies, learning about OPL online resources, and more.


Especially for Digital Inclusion Week, OPL has invited Shuli Hallak, professional photographer and the Executive Director of the Internet Society (New York Chapter) to give an up-to-the-minute talk called Seeing the Internet.  On Monday, May 7 Hallak, will present her breath-taking photographs of the internet infrastructure and brilliant depictions of complex technical information that enable a better understanding of the online world. Her insights and experience shed light on issues relating to digital privacy and help us make informed decisions as participants in the digital environment. Hallak has an extensive background as a visual artist in editorial and commercial photography. Her work has been published in Fortune, The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Slate and elsewhere.


OPL is also welcoming another speaker offering insight into the complexities of the digital world, Dr. Sonia Chiasson from the School of Computer Science at Carleton University. On Wednesday, May 9, Dr. Chiasson will present Staying Safe Online: Exploring Cyber Threats and Protection Strategies, a talk that explores how online users' actions do not necessarily reflect their desire for security and how the configuration of online security systems may actually weaken internet security in practice. OPL promotes developing not only an understanding of how to use digital tools and technology, but how to do so safely and securely.


Discover programs and learn more about digital inclusion, technology, the Internet, and computer skills during Digital Inclusion Week at OPL. Through our diverse programming and special events, people of all ages and abilities can explore and enhance their understanding of life in today’s digital world.


Some programs require registration online.



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