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ANANSI- the First Spiderman!

Photo of Gail Miller

ANANSI- the First Spiderman! One of Africa and the Caribbean’s most beloved trickster! Ages 5-8.

It's a pre-recorded video that you can watch for a limited time on our YouTube Channel. Click on the green button below to visit our YouTube channel.

About the storyteller: 
Gail Miller was the 2018 recipient of the National Emerging Storyteller Award and is a member of the National Storytellers of Canada. Her stories of Anansi, the first spiderman- with the head of a man and a body of a spider, takes the minds of her listeners on a comical journey to a forest of talking animals and brings them to life. Anansi is a well known and beloved trickster throughout the Caribbean and Africa, and is making his way into the hearts of Canadians one story at a time.