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Anime viewing party

collage of various anime characters

Join us for a screening party of different anime series! Meet other anime and manga fans, chat about your favourite series, browse and borrow from our anime and manga collections, and vote on which of a selection of shows to watch.

Drop in or register ahead of time to get a reminder email!

NOTE: some of the series screened will be rated Teen and may not be suitable for younger viewers.

Popular manga series: adult & teenby Vilka

A selection of some of the most popular adult & teen manga titles available at the Ottawa Public Library, to give an idea of the variety of genres & tones of manga available. Whether you're into action, comedy, drama, romance (innocent or steamy?), horror (spooky, gory, or psychological?), mystery/thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, or historical, long storylines, short series, or episodic vignettes, there is something for every taste! Note: this is NOWHERE NEAR a complete list of OPL's manga collections! To find more, search for Keyword: manga, or search by a Title or Author name you are interested in to see if they are available.

Anime for adults and teensby Vilka

A variety of anime movies and series available to borrow or stream. The anime category includes a very diverse range of stories, from fantasy and science fiction to serious historical and modern-day dramas, philosophical forays, romances, and screwball comedies. Note: many of the items listed include content or themes not suitable for younger children. For child-friendly titles, please see the list 'Anime for kids' or do an advanced search for anime in juvenile collections.