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Author Visit with Kat Verhoeven

Come meet author Kat Verhoeven at the Ottawa Public Library, where she will talk about her new graphic novel Meat and Bone, a queer story about friendship, body image, and strength. Verhoeven will talk about the creative and publishing processes, her experience taking a long-running webcomic to print, and telling messy stories. This will be followed by a Q&A and a book signing.

The graphic novel Meat and Bone is a queer slice-of-life drama about friendship and eating, and has received high praise from Verhoeven's critics and contemporaries alike. In a recent review, Publishers Weekly said, "In her diverse artistic depictions of disordered eating, Verhoeven captures the silent wars of modern women, in all their pain and glory," while them. magazine described Meat and Bone as a "breath of fresh air."

Kat Verhoeven is a Canadian cartoonist, raised in Kingston and living primarily in Toronto since 2005. She received a degree in illustration from OCAD University, where she made her first zines. Since then she's done everything from self-published mini-comics to anthologies to full-length graphic novels. Her stories always come back to the idea of found families.



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