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Carlingwood Film Club

Watch and discuss a good film in a relaxed, book-club-style chat about film and cinematography! 

Last Thursday of the month. September–November, then March-May.


Fall 2018

September -

Mysteries of the Animal Mind 

Meet the researchers who are finding growing evidence of what animals may be thinking and feeling. Chimps who empathize, elephants who problem-solve, lemurs who count and more. Are these animals acting on instinct? Is it simply trial and error? Or is it something more? We may not be surprised to find out that chimps have similar thought and behavioral patterns as humans, but what happens when we get a little further away from our fellow mammals? Can lizards solve problems just as well as many birds or mammals? What other creatures out there have cognitive and emotive capabilities we have yet to discover?

October -

Gone Sideways 

Combining dramatic re-creation with cheeky animation and cleverly manipulated archival images, This film illustrates three areas of exploration: medicine, technology and natural science.

November - 

The Genie in the Light Bulb 

This film tells the story of the arrival of electricity in Hathine, a tiny, isolated village in the forbidden mountains of Northern Laos -- one of the last Communist countries in the world, on the borders of China and Vietnam. One sunny morning the village headman announces that electrical current will soon arrive. With it will come comfort, development, modernity and wealth. Refrigerators will keep food fresh for longer. Children will do their homework under the streetlamps. The first shops strung with multi-coloured lights appear, and in them the first cold drinks that any villager has tasted. Electricity brings progress, unquestionably. But does that progress bring happiness?"





Age group

Adults 50-plus