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DNA and Online Resources for Discovering Your Lost Family History


I didn't know that! Wow! Change is everywhere and no more so than in exploring your ancestry.  Now that so much is online, what can you find out without scrutinizing reels of microfilm or travelling to unearth dusty documents?  Searches which once took hours, or days, happen instantly.  Easy, affordable DNA tests reveal your heritage and cousins you never knew you had. Using social media you can find yourself exchanging information with those cousins and working together to build an ever-expanding family tree.  Explore these amazing resources with our experts.

The Speakers:

Daniel Horowitz: MyHeritage Treasure Trove: An overview of features for family research, and Integrating DNA and Family History Research at MyHeritage
Daniel Horowitz is Chief genealogist at MyHeritage, the world's fastest-growing genealogy social network. Daniel is a Venezuelan-born genealogist living in Israel. Computer engineer and linguist, he applies his training to his genealogical passion as one of the first to join MyHeritage.


Leanne Cooper: The Wonders of WikiTree: Collaborative Genealogy and DNA
Leanne Cooper is a frequent local speaker with roots mostly in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, and back to the UK.

Lesley Anderson: Secrets & Shenanigans: How AncestryDNA was used in an unexpected mystery
Lesley Anderson has worked for for over 11 years as their Canadian Spokesperson and has been involved in the personal research of her family tree for over 50 years.

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