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Houses and Co House Buying Seminar

Downsizing is a very personal journey that can stem from a desire to simplify and enjoy life more fully, or a more pressing need to move on as a result of life changing events, whether your own or someone else’s.  Join Susan Sowah, of BuyHerself and Houses&Co, to examine various aspects of downsizing.  The financial side (the current market, renting vs owning, the effect of baby boomers on Ottawa real estate) and tactics for how to get unencumbered from possessions that can hold people in place. We address how best to begin dealing with a lifetime of possessions or selling the family home.  Moving to a more manageable space  is easier when we can envision the future and weigh all options to decide what’s important.  Learn about tips, experts and resources that help.   



Age group

Adults 50-plus