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Dungeons and Dragons for Teens: novice

polyhedral dice spread across a battle map

Already played some DnD and looking for a fun game to join? Give this one-session-long adventure a try!

D&D is a popular fantasy role-playing game in which your characters explore, solve puzzles, and fight or outwit monsters. Meet new players as you undertake an adventure in this popular game!

For this adventure, you must build your own Level 2 character, so you must register at least 6 days in advance to create your character and submit their character-sheet for DM approval before game-day. Late registrants will be assigned a random pre-generated character.

Ages 12-17

Note: this session is a repeat of the adventure played on April 21st, so if you played that session, it would not be as fun knowing the puzzles and enemies ahead of time. Keep an eye out for new games coming up later!