Exploring Multicultural Mindfulness Meditation for Peace (Peace Festival)

Join us for an afternoon of friendship, music, dance, speakers, meditation, yoga.  This event is a multicultural experience with origins in a Sri Lankan peace and reconciliation initiative involving the community at large. The event explores building “peace within” through mindfulness, striving to create a culture of peace.


Bhante Kovida wears the brown robes of a Buddhist. He emphasizes that the most important goal of spiritual practice is the understanding of ourselves on a deeper level.  A scholar of Indian history and culture, Hatha Yoga and meditation, classical Indian music, and Buddhism, he travels and teaches internationally and across Canada.

Paul Maillet is founder of the Paul Maillet Center for Ethics and Peace Services, working in domestic, First Nations and international projects.  Paul is also Co-chair of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Peace Initiative.  Paul is a retired Colonel from the Canadian Military and former Director of defence Ethics and an Accredited Peace Professional from the Civilian Peace Services Canada.  



Age group

Adults 50-plus