The Art of Networking: Express to Impress - Career Reboot Group

Did you know that:

  • 70 % of people in 2016 were hired at a company where they had a connection
  • 80 % of professionals consider professional networking to be important to career success 
  • 35 % of surveyed professionals say that a casual conversation on LinkedIn Messaging has led to a new opportunity 
  • 61 % of professionals agree that regular online interaction with their professional network can lead to the way in to possible job opportunities

Networking can lead to a job.  But you have many questions:  

  • How can I start if I know no one?
  • How do I approach people?
  • How do I deal with my fear of being rejected? 
  • Who is the right person to network with? 
  • What can I do for my network? 
  • What can my network do for me? 

Come and practice with Noha Fahmi how to network with people you don’t know. Noha will share her tips and insights on how to network and where you can network.  She will provide ideas, practices and examples of how networking can lead to a job opportunity.  

Noha Fahmi is an Employer Engagement Coordinator who works with In-TAC to help immigrants and newcomers to build their careers in Canada.  

Come to the first meeting of a new season of the Career Reboot Group, get great advice, and boost your job searching techniques. 



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