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Fantasy and Anime Makeup

This program talks about creating artistic, anime, and fantasy shapes - but if you have already taken Makeup Basics, you’ll have an advantage. Learn popular drag techniques like glueing down your eyebrows and applying false eyelashes, mixed with fantasy techniques like painting your skin a colour and adding textures, freckles, and art.

If you want to follow along workshop-style, you need:  

  • Water-based face paint.  
  • Washable glue stick 
  • Concealer 
  • False eyelashes & glue  
  • A variety of makeup brushes, with at least 1 big fluffy brush, two medium fluffy brushes, one small fluffy brush and one thin liner brush

This program is taught by cosplayer Jessica Harkonnen.  

About Jessica Harkonnen 

Jessica considers herself a “Cosplay Engineer” because she makes things that are big enough that they need, well, engineering, to be possible. Jessica also regularly participates in panels at conventions because she loves to share her skills to help all cosplayers make their dreams into real costumes. Jessica is an ally and wants to make her panels a safe place for everyone to learn. 

Registration required. Registrants will receive an additional email with the Zoom link ahead of the program.