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The Historical Society of Ottawa Speaker Series (Afternoon) 1:00 pm Lecture: Ottawa's Urban Forest 2:00 pm Lecture: The Life and Times of Chief Justice Kerwin

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The Historical Society of Ottawa Presents 2 Lectures:

1:00 pm OTTAWA'S URBAN FOREST: Trees in a city can prove to be troublesome and unruly. But they are also beautiful and essential to life. Professor Joanna Dean tells us the story of our city's "troubleshome trees" and their role in the wider history of Ottawa's urban forest.

2:00 pm THE LIFE AND TIME OF CHIEF JUSTICE KERWIN: Author Stephen McKenna takes us on a fascinating journey back to an earlier time in our nation's and city's history, showing us this momentous era through the eyes of his grandfather, Patrick Kerwin, Supreme Court Chief Justice (subject of Stephen's recent book Grace & Wisdom).

Offered in partnership with the Historical Society of Ottawa.




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