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Mindful Moments and Emotions (Virtual)

profile of a head surrounded by array of colours / profil d'une tête entourée d'un éventail couleurs

"I can’t control them!” Get to know your BIG emotions and learn how to work through them with mindfulness and compassion.

Emotions are our body's cue that something is happening in the world. They feel BIG in our bodies and many of us feel like they “just take over,” leaving us feeling overwhelmed, explosive or shut down. Join Kirsten and Rebekka as we talk about our emotions and explore why we feel them, where they land in the body and what we can do with them using mindfulness moments and movements.

This workshop will focus on emotions and mindful moments. You can take it alone or as part of a two-part workshop series with Rebekka and Kirsten. 

For ages 13-18. Registration required. Registrants will receive an additional email with the Zoom link ahead of the program.

About the Presenters:

Rebekka Wallace Roy is a Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist, and Kirsten Wallace is a Certified Yoga Teacher and ECE of Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Present.