One Book, One Community

A Disappearance in Damascus

Stories are the way we connect with each other; they are the way we share our experiences and how we learn from others. In Canada, where we strive towards greater diversity and mutual understanding, storytelling is at our cultural core. Lend your voice as we mark 150 years of telling Canada’s story at the Ottawa Public Library by joining together to read "A Disappearance in Damascus: A Story of Friendship and Survival in the Shadow of War" by award winning Canadian author and journalist Deborah Campbell.

This riveting true story tells us about the remarkable relationship between two women, Canadian journalist Deborah Campbell and Ahlam, an Iraqi woman working as a "fixer" for Western media in Syria as it plunges into war. The story reveals as much about the universal power of friendship as about the courage of those who bring us our daily news. Join your neighbours and build new connections in the community through the shared experience of reading.



Age group

Adults 50-plus