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The Origin of stories, and what followed....

Photo of Claude Garneau

How, you ask, did stories come into the world? Why it was sheer necessity. Claude Garneau will share the earliest history of cave-people and the life saving value of stories. From Woolly Mammoths, he will story-journey with you as you meet story dragons, and skunks! Ages 6-12

It's a pre-recorded video that you can watch for a limited time on our YouTube Channel. Click on the green button below to visit our YouTube channel.

About the storyteller: 
Claude Garneau, an Orléans storyteller is a published author, TV host, and award-winning storyteller who has told stories all over Ontario, Québec and Western Canada. All of his stories are original tales written to entertain, always with a lot of humour, a bit of history, and some moral lessons.