Ottawa Peace Festival: Peace - a Matter of Consciousness

Through their experiences of pilgrimage walking the 800-km Camino in Spain, and then walking 5000-kms for 13 months through 13 countries for peace, Alberto and Mony will share stories and experiences that illustrate why inner peace is the key to creating peace in our world. Alberto Agraso is a native of Spain who set aside the security of a well-paying profession to embark on a quest for a life with purpose. His journey led him to walk to Camino in Spain, where he would fatefully meet Mony Dohehi. Mony, an Ottawa native, had similarly abandoned a lucrative corporate career in search of a life with meaning, and had walked the Camino alone. She would meet Alberto at the end of their walk, and together, they would walk 5000-kms through 13 countries for peace.
Their experiences and life lessons form the foundation of their popular presentations, and international award-winning books. Alberto shares his perspectives through his paintings and commissioned Soul Portraits, and is co-host of a Spanish radio show on CHIN 97.9FM. Mony is Host and Producer of Ottawa Experts on Rogers TV.



Age group

Adults 50-plus