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Poetry Workshop with Frances Boyle


Ekphrastic writing – The poet as art thief

What is it about visual art that draws poets to talk back to it? Many poets from antiquity to today have been “art thieves”, exploring works of art in their writing. Join Frances Boyle for a workshop where you will read poems based (in one way or another) on art, learn about various types of ekphrastic poems, take a look at some intriguing art, and write your own poems in the ekphrastic tradition.  

“Modern ekphrastic poems … have tried to interpret, inhabit, confront and speak to their subjects.” ( Over the course of the workshop, you’ll have the chance to inhabit and speak to pieces of art, and to create several new drafts of poems. Bring paper, your favourite writing implement and your curiosity.

Frances Boyle is an Ottawa based writer. Her poetry and fiction have won local and national awards and appeared in print and online magazines in Canada and abroad. She is the author of two books, Light-carved Passages, a poetry collection and Tower, a novella. Frances’s second poetry collection will be published later this year, and a short story collection in 2020.



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