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Poetry Workshop with Jenny Haysom

In the age of global warming, can we still write poems that celebrate the natural world and look on it in wonder? Should we write political, “ecopoetry” instead? "Nature" is usually defined as "the phenomena of the physical world as opposed to humans or human creations." What do nature poems look like today? Are humans really “opposed” to the natural world, or are we merely part of it? What sort of “nature” do we experience in the city, where most of us live? Let's talk about these things and read some poetry.

The first half of this workshop will be a group discussion. The second half will be a workshop. Please bring a nature poem of your own––or one written by someone else. 


Jenny Haysom is an award winning and widely published poet living in Ottawa. Her book, Dividing the Wayside, is available from Palimpsest Press.



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