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June Pride: The Expressive and Social Body

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In celebration of June Pride, we’re offering an older adult program.

The Expressive and Social Body, participants experience the joys of dance and athletic movement in a context that extends their abilities but also protects them from strain or over-use. The use of theatre games may be of interest to some groups as well.

Max participants is 25.

Lola Ryan is a teacher, writer and performer. She is a senior artist, with an extensive career in many fields of endeavour.  A former champion athlete, she began a career in dance in her twenties, founding and co-founding several dance/theatre companies and touring nationally. She is one of Canada’s foremost practitioners of dance and movement improvisation. As a critic, she has both written and broadcast reviews of dance and theatre across Canada and in the US. Her work with children and adults is an abiding interest, which is why the work she has created encourages links between youthful play and the world of dance. Through MASC, Lola has taught thousands of children, adults and seniors since 2000.  She also teaches at the University of Ottawa and serves on the board of Dance Ontario.

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