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The Public Spaces Talks

Two man and two woman standing on green grass field holding coloured carton board in shape of speech balloons

The Public Spaces Talks Series empowers participants to actively engage public spaces such as parks, streetscapes, parking lots, malls, markets and libraries, and expand the range of their potential community uses. Each session will begin with a “talkshop”, where participants will learn about different ways people and institutions can make a place more engaging. The group will then go for a “walkshop” outside to discuss the connection between public spaces and the neighbourhood. We will then come back to the library, unpack our experiences, and do a collaborative brainstorm on the needs and possibility of our community.

You will come away with a deeper understanding of your neighbourhood, the potential of our public spaces, and opportunities to create more dynamic and creative communities. Public Spaces Talks is for all ages.

Registrations are encouraged but drop-ins are welcome.

Synapcity is a community organization funded through the Ontario Trillium Foundation to bring people together to share ideas, understand new perspectives and collaborate on initiatives to improve our city.



Age group

Adults 50-plus