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Sticks and Stones Outdoor Art

decorated sticks, stones and bark

To start us off, Biologist Iola Price, will walk us through our own mini-forest here at Rockcliffe Park Branch and show us the ways that nature adapts and protects itself. She will uncover some of nature’s very cool secrets.  

Then we will find sticks and stones in the natural landscape and create mythical creatures. You can display your artwork in the branch or take it home with you!

Iola is a biologist.  She has worked her entire career to help save our environment.  As a scientist she has had many adventures including helping baby Peregrine Falcons until they were big enough to fly free, counting migrating shorebirds from a small airplane over the North coast of South America to studying the effects of toxic chemicals in Black-crowned Night Herons on Lake Ontario. 

She is active in our community to remove invasive plants that crowd out our native plants (like Trilliums) and is helping to create a natural mini forest (woodlot) here at the Rockcliffe Public Library.