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A Store Older than Ottawa

Before there was Bytown, there was the Town of Sherwood, dating from 1822 and located at Chaudière Falls.  One of the stores that flourished there was Bellows & Stacey, from 1824 - 1828, when the townsite vanished.  And so did Bellows & Stacey's account book, until it was discovered in a museum in Vermont this year.  It has much to tell us about the local economy and about the earliest settlers on both sides of the Ottawa River, from Quyon to Cumberland and south to North Gower.  And it's coming home.

Bruce S. Elliott, Professor of History at Carleton University and author of The City Beyond: A History of Nepean, Birthplace of Canada's Capital, will discuss this newly-discovered  artifact from Ottawa's history.  Come hear the story and see the account book itself!



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