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Stories empowering the heart through art

Photo of Diana Tso

Marvelous snakes, a tricky wolf, the power of painting and clever girls! Stories about the power of transformation can lead you in many directions: towards a dark doom or a shining light, falling or flying-- it all depends on the kind of heart you have. Ages 9-12.

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About the storyteller 

Diana is a storyteller, actor, playwright, poet, artist in education. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a BA hons in English Literature and from École Internationale de Théâtre de Jacques Lecoq. She’s the artistic director of Red Snow Collective, creating stories that empower the voices of women. Her most recent performances include Modern Times Stage Company’s The Cherry Orchard, Theatre Smith-Gilmour’s Les Misérables, Stratford Festival’s 2017 season in Bakkhaiand The Komagata Maru Incident. Her 2020 creation, “Unwavering”, commissioned by a Convergence Theatre under their COVID Confessions series can be heard/read online.