Step 1: Contactless services inside most open branches


There are contactless services inside most of our 31 open branches, with strict capacity limits in place, as of June 14, 2021, except at Metcalfe Village, Orléans and Rosemount. This means:

  • Pick up holds and check them out at self-checkout stations.
  • Return borrowed items to book drops anytime.
  • Access to PCs, Chromebooks, and printing, where these are available.
  • No other services: no browsing, no washroom access.
  • Mask-wearing remains mandatory inside, and outside in line.

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Tracking Black Canada - Elementary School-aged Audience

Black History Month


Join us online for a virtual performance that combines video, music, Slam Poetry, Hip Hop, stand up comedy to focus on the often forgotten histories of early Black communities across our country.  Tracking Black Canada is an annual performance that delves into the histories of some of Canada’s forgotten Black communities.  This year’s focus is on three lost communities, in Alberta, Toronto, and PEI.  The presentation will highlight the contributions made by prominent residents in those communities, and how their impact is still felt today, and illuminate the conditions that led to the systemic demise of those communities and their residents.   Zoom to attend!  

Click on the green button to launch the 1 PM program on Zoom: Join Us 


This performance is for an Elementary School-aged audience, ages 7 to 12, to watch either at school or from home.  The Zoom link is  

Duration: 45 minutes

The presentation Tracking Black Canada is developed by the Montreal company Overture with the Arts.  Overture with the Arts (OWTA) is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, offering education in music, dance, drama and vocal training.  Montreal-born actor, writer and comedian Omari Newton leads the show.  

Omari Newton is a professional actor, writer, poet, comedian and MC whose work can be seen on television, film, stage or heard on radio. He is currently a City of Vancouver funded Artist in Residence with Urban Ink. His stage work in Québec has earned him a number of favourable reviews and awards. Some career highlights include a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his work in the Centaur Theatre’s production of Joe Penhal’s “Blue Orange” (Soirée des masques). He is the winner of Champion of Vancouver’s 2010 Pan African Poetry Slam, a qualifying event in the Van Slam Poetry season.