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Two Tales and Two Tellers


Two Tales and Two Tellers - Dream Story & Treaty with the Little People

Please join Krystal Snowboy and Teiotsistokwahte, Emerging Storytellers from Ottawa Storytellers Mentorship and Youth Workshop programs. Join Krystal for a traditional story of the little people and travel along a river with Teiotsistokwahte as she remembers her dream, her dad and a purple house. For all ages.

Click on the green button to launch the program on Zoom 

Krystal and Teiotsistokwahte are participating in a mentorship program, with mentor Louise Profeit-Leblanc, story-keeper of the Nacho Nyak Dän First Nation from the Yukon. The mentorship program supports emerging storytelling artists as they expand their repertoire of skills to prepare a story for sharing and prepare telling presentations that respects the cultural origin of the stories or the lived experiences, as well as the diversity of the tellers’ audiences. Together, the mentor and mentee explore the interdependence between teller and listener, the deeply personal relationship we have our stories and the power of metaphor, word-images and imagination.

Teiotsistokwahte would like to introduce herself: The English translation of my name means Bright Star. Teiotsisto translates to "shining brightly", and kwahte translates to "the stars". My parents decided to name me Teiotsistokwahte when I was born. I grew up near Kahnawake, QC. I currently work at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre in the Indigenous EarlyON Centre as a Registered Early Childhood Educator.

Krystal Snowboy
Krystal Snowboy is a member of the First Nations Cree in Chisasibi, in Northern Quebec (James Bay area). Born and raised there, she is a proud Cree woman, able to speak her language fluently. Coming from a long line of traditional storytellers, Krystal started by listening to stories from her grandparents, along with her great-grandparents.



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