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Utsän Män – Old Woman Lake

Photo of Louise Profeit-LeBlanc

Utsän Män – Old Woman Lake is a small lake, a lake of reeds. Old Woman Lake is a place of powerful medicine. For my people, the stories teach us about our land, the stories teach us how to behave in our land. All ages

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About the storyteller: 
Louise ProfeitLeBlanc's name in her language is “T’se Däna” which means Beaver Woman. Louise Profeit-LeBlanc is as Traditional Storyteller from the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation (First Nation of the Big River People) in Mayo, Northeastern Yukon. Many of her stories are about the strength and importance of women within the community and their significant role as first educators of children. When asked "why do you tell stories?" Louise answers: "because I have been asked to do so by the elders." Her association with many elders has resulted in her taking on the responsibility and honour of becoming a "Story Keeper". Louise presently lives in Wakefield, Quebec.