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Whispers in the Trees

Photo of June Brown

These myths, legends, and tales will stimulate the listeners wonder and appreciation for all that nature gives us. The stories show us that we must live in harmony with our environment especially the trees. Ages 5-8.

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About the storyteller: 
June love of stories started when she first heard them told around a campfire at camp and the passion for oral stories has stayed with her throughout her life. As a mother, a grandmother, and a volunteer in the community she saw the positive impact the stories she told had on the children and adults. In in retirement, she decided to make storytelling a second career. She has been a professional teller for 20 years and has told to adults and children at Storytelling Festivals, schools, libraries, museums, and other venues. June has taught 'The Art of Storytelling' to primary and high school students, developed a storytelling program for The Children's Aid Society's Tap program and does a weekly storytelling program for clients with special needs. She is a member of Storytellers of Canada, Story Tellers for Children, Storytelling Toronto, and Ottawa Storytellers.