Winter Listening Party

winter forest landscape

Calling all audiobook lovers! Stop by the Main Branch on Saturday, February 17 from 10:30-4:30, and listen in on the acclaimed 2011 CBC Massey Lectures by Adam Gopnik, “Winter”. Fascinating and witty, these beautiful reflections on Canada’s dominant season include five parts: Romantic Winter, Radical Winter, Recuperative Winter, Recreational Winter, and Remembering Winter. Topics range all over, including history, geography, science, holidays, great artists, poets, and composers… and, of course, hockey.

The full recording is approximate six hours long, so you are welcome to come and go as your schedule demands!

While we encourage a respectful listening environment so that everyone can enjoy the lectures, you’re welcome to bring something along to occupy you while you listen (Knitting? Crochet? Sudoku? Your pencils and sketchpad?). Staff will also be happy to provide supplies for meditative colouring!

So come learn a little about why we are so preoccupied with everything wintry, from arctic exploration, to playing shinny, to Montreal’s underground city.



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