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For the Young At Heart

Picture of Rhonda

Rhonda shares animal legends which have been passed on to her from Elders of the Plains. These stories are shared many times for many reasons: to entertain while visiting, to tell how something has come to be, sometimes to teach a lesson, or just simply to make you laugh.

It's a pre-recorded video that you can watch for a limited time on our YouTube Channel. Click on the green button below to visit our YouTube channel.

About the storyteller: 

Rhonda Donais is an Indigenous storyteller from Saskatchewan Rhonda has been a passionate children's entertainer and storyteller for over 35 years. Rhonda loves to share her Indigenous culture through storytelling. Her favorite stories to tell are animal and trickster legends. Rhonda embellish her stories with puppets, pictures, hand drum, flute, singing and flannel pieces. Rhonda is an animated storyteller, using silly voice changes and funny faces. One never knows if the tale Rhonda is about to tell is real or just a story!