Step 1: Contactless services inside most open branches


There are contactless services inside most of our 31 open branches, with strict capacity limits in place, as of June 14, 2021, except at Metcalfe Village, Orléans and Rosemount. This means:

  • Pick up holds and check them out at self-checkout stations.
  • Return borrowed items to book drops anytime.
  • Access to PCs, Chromebooks, and printing, where these are available.
  • No other services: no browsing, no washroom access.
  • Mask-wearing remains mandatory inside, and outside in line.

For details, go to Current Branch Services.

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Zootopia: Code a District (for ages 10-16)

Science Literacy Week - Zootopia: Code a District

During this hands-on workshop, the participants will learn basic coding concepts using Scratch, a free online coding program designed to teach coding to kids, to create animation and games. They will also learn about the ecosystems on our planet and will create and code their own one, programming animals to interact with each others, such as prey and predators. 

Click on the green button to launch the program on Zoom: Join Us