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à la carte - food literacy

Banner image for à la carte food literacy project

The Ottawa Public Library serves up fresh programs, activities and events to raise awareness about how we are connected to the food we eat and grow.

Read these digital stories brought to you by à la carte to highlight what is happening in our food culture and community:

Giving Back

Photo of canned food in a box

Read: Giving Back

Preserving the Harvest

Photo of vegetables in a basket

Read: Preserving the Harvest

Who's Watching

Photo of child watching television

Read: Who's Watching

Food for Thought

Photo of child gardening

Read: Food for Thought

Think Outside

Photo of plants in a copper pot

Read: Think Outside

Of Birds and Bees

Photo of a bee

Read: Of Birds and Bees

The Future of Food

Photo of a futuristic greenhouse

Read: The Future of Food

Time to Grow

Photo of hands and a tomato

Read: Time to Grow

Food Waste

Photo of food waste

Read: Food Waste

Food that Works

Photo of vegetables on a cutting board

Read: Food that Works

Comfort Food

Photo of comfort food

Read: Comfort Food

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