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Freegal is a downloadable music service providing access to millions of songs from many thousands of music labels, including Sony Music. Library card holders can sign in and download up to five songs per week. The songs never expire and are yours to keep.

Getting started

Go to You will be prompted to log in with your library card number, or catalogue username, and PIN. Once authenticated, you may browse by featured artist or album on the homepage, or use the search box to search for different artists, titles or genres.

Downloading and streaming

Customers are allotted five downloads per week and unlimited streaming. The usage counter resets on Monday at 12:00 a.m. EST.

When you’ve found a song you wish to download, click the download icon.

Next, choose Save File, and save the .mp3 file to a location on your computer. The file may save automatically to your Downloads folder, depending how your computer is configured.
Image of dialogue box prompting to save the MP3 file in Freegal.

Once the song has downloaded, you are free to play it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

My downloads

If there is a problem downloading the file, or if you wish to download it to another device, you can access recent downloads from My Music.

From your recent downloads list, you can download each selection up to two additional times for up to two weeks after the initial download. After that, the song will disappear from this list. Re-downloading from this list will not count against your five-song limit per week.



Click on an album and click on Stream. You can also choose to stream a single song from the album by clicking on the album image for each song.

Using the Freegal App

You can download the Freegal app, connect your library account, and download music without needing to re-authenticate each time.  The app is available for Android and iOS (Search for Freegal music.) Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be prompted to locate Ottawa Public Library and sign in with your library card.


Creating Playlists

You can create your own or use “Freegal Playlists”.  This is a list of pre-selected songs in a genre that you are sure to enjoy.

To create a playlist:

  • Find a song or album that you'd like to add
  • Click on the icon resembling =+.  A menu will open where you can either create a playlist or add to an existing playlist
  • To view or delete a playlist, click on My Music and then Playlists.  Open the playlist.  Click on the menu button beside the playlist name.  Here you have the option to rename or delete the playlist

What if I have other questions not answered here?

You are encouraged to consult Freegal’s FAQ and Support page by clicking on the menu button at the top right hand side of the page.  

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