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FULL - An evening with Mark Critch, author of Son Of A Critch: A Childish Newfoundland Memoir

Son of a Critch: A childish newfoundland memoir
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Ottawa Public Library, Library and Archives Canada, and the Ottawa International Writers Festival invite you to an evening with Mark Critch. CBC’s Rosemary Barton will host a conversation with Mark on his acclaimed memoir, Son of a Critch, which was listed for the 2019 RBC Taylor Prize. Its a hilarious story of family, getting into trouble, and finding one's place in the world.

Mark Critch is best known as the “roving reporter” for CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes. In this role he has photo-bombed Justin Trudeau, interviewed Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle (while impersonating Alan Doyle), offered Pamela Anderson a million dollars to stop acting, and crashed White House briefings. But Mark’s playful debut book “Son of a Critch” shows he’s been causing trouble his whole life.

What could be better than growing up in the 1980s? How about growing up in 1980s Newfoundland, which—as Mark Critch will tell you—was more like the 1960s. Mark takes us on a trip to where it all began in his funny and warm look back on his formative years. Mark’s tales include trick-or-treating at a used car lot, getting locked out of school on a fourth-floor window ledge, faking an asthma attack to avoid being arrested by military police—and much more. 

Doors open at 6:30 pm


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