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Get Active at Home

Research shows that strength and balance exercises are one of the most effective ways to prevent falls. Strength and balance exercises are just as important as endurance activity.

Ottawa Public Library has invited a few of our instructors from our popular Friday morning Wellness exercise classes from 2020 to record videos for you to visit as often as you want, so that you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine from the comfort of your home.

These videos are available on the Ottawa Public Library’s YouTube channel and further down on this page.

Before You Start

If you are new to exercise or have not been active in some time, talk with your doctor to see if these exercises are right for you.

If you feel pain, shortness of breath or dizziness while doing these exercises, stop and talk to your doctor.

Try These Series

  • Workouts with Amanda Sterczyk

    Join fitness instructor Amanda Sterczyk for 30 minutes of exercises to help you keep fit at home. These exercises do not require any special equipment.  For the seated and standing exercises, have a sturdy chair ready to sit on or to use as necessary for balance.  For the lying down exercises, we encourage you to lie on a mat, or on a bed.  Amanda will include modifications on how to make it easier or harder, depending on abilities.

    About Instructor

    Amanda Sterczyk is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She is also an independent author. You can borrow her books on balance and exercise from the Ottawa Public Library.

  • Restorative Exercises with Cassie Love

    Join Cassie Love for 30 minutes of Restorative Exercises each class with a differernt focus:  feet, neck and shoulders, balance, and reducing pain naturaly. Cassie Love features exercise and postural adjustments that promote good movement habits to strengthen the body, promote balance, develop better bone density, and foster natural pain relief. She provides practical tips to combat both the effects of aging in general, as well as everyday ailments that we all deal with. These exercises do not require any special equipment.

    About Instructor

    Cassie Love is an Essential Movement Specialist, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. Her areas of knowledge include yoga, restorative movement, alignment, meditation, and stress reduction.

  • Exercise Classes in French with Karine Léveillé

    Join Karine Léveillé pour 30-minute exercise classes in French. These classes focus on building strength and mobility. No special equipment is necessary, just a sturdy chair for the sitting and standing exercises and a mat or a bed for the lying down exercises. 

    About Instructor

    Karine Léveillé is a personal fitness trainer. She teaches a variety of group classes, from yoga to high intensity fitness. 

More options to support your physical fitness

Ottawa Public Health and Ottawa Recreation & Culture offer more videos to try at home:

List of Titles on Fitness at OPL

Explore this list of titles of books and videos on fitness at Ottawa Public Library that you can borrow: Get active at home