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Getting Started with Hoopla Digital

What you will need

  • A valid Ottawa Public Library (OPL) card
  • A fast Internet connection (minimum 1Mbps for streaming videos)
  • If you’re using  a mobile device, you will need the Hoopla Digital app for iOS (7.1 or later), or Android (4.4 and up)

Creating an account

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get Started Today.
  3. Enter your email, create a password and click on Next.
  4. Choose Ottawa Public Library (ON) from the menu and select Next.
  5. Enter your OPL card number and PIN. Click on the box that you agree to allow Hoopla Digital to exchange registration information with OPL and select Next.
  6. Review Hoopla's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  If you agree to the terms, click on Sign Me Up.
  7. Once your account is created, you can start borrowing and downloading videos and music.

What kind of content does Hoopla Digital have?

  • It has wide collection of movies and television shows including feature films, documentaries, foreign films, television shows and educational programs.
  • Over 100,000 music albums and growing.
  • OPL does not currently subscribe to the e-audiobooks in Hoopla Digital. Please use our OverDrive and Audiobook Cloud collections instead.

Borrowing and streaming

  • You are allotted four (4) checkouts per month per card. 
  • Titles are always available.
  • Unused checkouts are not carried over to the next month. 
  • Your usage is reset on the last day of the month at 7:00 p.m. 
  • Loan periods are 72 hours for video, and seven (7) days for music. During the loan period content can be streamed repeatedly.
  • Content can be either downloaded or streamed through the Hoopla Digital app but only streamed through a PC or laptop.
  • Titles do not need to be returned.  They will automatically disappear once the borrowing period has ended.
  • Borrowed content can be accessed on multiple devices, but can only be played on one (1) device at a time.
  • The data used to stream Hoopla from the Internet at home or from your mobile device will count towards your Internet service provider’s monthly bandwidth cap. Watching a regular-length movie uses about 1GB of data for each stream of standard definition video.   Streaming an album uses about 35 MB of data.


What if I have other questions?

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