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Gift Giving

Gift Acceptance Policy and Ethical Guidelines

There is a process by which all donations are reviewed prior to acceptance. Acceptance of a gift is not final until it is approved by the OPL CEO.

The CEO reserves the right to decline a gift for any reason in sole discretion, including but not limited to when the gift:

  • Could reasonably compromise OPL’s public image or reputation;
  • Will be difficult or costly to administer;
  • Exposes OPL to unacceptable risk;
  • Conflicts with the Library’s mandate, mission, values, or policies; or,
  • Has unacceptable restrictions or conditions imposed on it by the donor.

This policy recognizes the critical importance of ethical conduct in fundraising activities in order to safeguard the status of the organization as a registered charity and ensure OPL stands up to scrutiny by stakeholders and members of the public. Aligned with OPL’s vision, mission, and values, OPL will:

  • Use ethical and lawful techniques to solicit funds;
  • Refrain from endorsing products or services provided by donors or sponsors;
  • Decline cash or in-kind donations that originate from unethical or unlawful activities;
  • Decline cash or in-kind donations from organizations that create products that cause physical harm to human beings or animals; and,
  • Ensure that no valuable consideration or other privileges will be bestowed on a donor who could have the ability to exercise, directly or indirectly, control or significant influence over the organization.

Donor Rights Policy

OPL upholds the Donor Bill of Rights adopted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). In addition to the rights outlined in the AFP Donor Bill of Rights, donors to OPL have the right:

  1. To be assured that all online transactions and contributions occur through a safe, private and secure system that protects the donor’s personal information;
  2. To be clearly informed if a contribution goes directly to OPL or is held by, or transferred through, a third party; and
  3. To have access to the organization’s privacy policy.

Donor Information and Privacy Policies and Practices

Any information supplied to the Library by donors will be used solely to fulfil their donation and shall not be shared for any reason unless permission is granted by the donor to share such information. All donor requests to remain anonymous shall be honoured.

The Library does not sell or share donor lists.