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Hiking Basics

A great way to clear the mind is to take a hike in nature!

Join members of the Ottawa Club of the Rideau Trail Association for an introduction to the joys of hiking. We will discuss: why do people hike? We will talk about planning and preparing for a hike, short or long: food, clothing and other necessities

  • what food supplies to bring
  • how to dress for different types of weather (though we won't go into winter outings)
  • how to choose a backpack

We will display some maps to show you the Rideau Trail and how to access it. We will discuss websites of hiking organizations where you can find out more about how to find out more about hiking and how to join a hiking group.

This talk will be led by Sandy Freeman, member of Rideau Trail Association/Ottawa Club since 2015. Sandy has served as both Vice-Chair and Chair, and as a RTA Board member since April 2017. Sandy is a Hike Ontario certified hike leader. She has hiked the whole length of the 327-kilometre Rideau Trail between Kingston and Ottawa. Sandy enjoys hiking and leading hikes in Gatineau Park, the Rideau Trail, and other destinations. Last year, Sandy had the chance to hike some of the mountains around Lake Louise, Alberta, which was an amazing experience! Through hiking, Sandy explores the outdoors and meets new people.